Mage Shadowrun Werewolf

Mage Resources
Mage Dossier(1.93mb pdf file) - A Comprehensive 14 page character sheet for very long term or detailed characters. It's recommended to print pages 2-13 on heavier paper (70 wt at least), and to have Kinko's or a similar place print the front and back covers. As requested, Siin can print these for $7 each (the cost of a single dossier being produced). Also, if you have a legendary character you wish to immortalize, Siin can create a custom front and back for that character. It is however time consuming, so be patient with the end result.
4 Page Mage Sheet(122kb pdf file) - The standard 4-page Mage character Sheet for any average character. Best when printed double sided, but certainly not required.
Rotes Collection(kb word document) - A collection of various rotes we've used, created or imagined over the years. This is updated on a regular basis.

Shadowrun Resources
Shadowrun 4 Character Sheets(266kb pdf file) - This is an updated version of the SR3 Wordman character sheets. It has sheets for virtually every character type you could make. You simply pick a front and print it, then print a back as well. If needed, you can print miscellaneous sheets as well to make sure everything is fleshed out.
Shadowrun 3 Character Sheets(367kb pdf file) - These are the original Wordman character sheets for SR3. Posted here in the event we need them for something.
Shadowrun 4 Cheat Sheets(6.01mb pdf file) - Cheat sheets giving lots of good info created by someone on Dumpshock. It's a large file, but has lots of decent info in it.
Build Point Calculator(343kb Excel file) - A simple spreadsheet allowing you to create a character and use this to make sure your build points add up. I've found it invaluable sometimes for keeping track of the varied details of SR4 character creation.
Karma Calculator(124kb Excel file) - The same as above, but dealing with the Karma generation system instead.
SR4 Anniversary Karma Calculator(264kb Excel file) - The same as above, but updated with the SR4A karma costs.
Expenses sheet(19kb Excel file) - Quick spreadsheet to keep track of the money you're spending during character generation.
Cybersuite builder(29kb excel file) - A quick file for building and calculating costs for cybersuites.

Werewolf Resources