Below are various links we might find handy at one time or another.

White Wolf Related Links
White Wolf main site - The official White Wolf site
White Wolf Wiki - The official White Wolf wiki for all of their stuff.
Death Quaker's Merits & Flaws list - This is a master list of basically all the old World of Darkness merits and flaws, as well as where to find them.
Death Quaker's Character Archtypes list - A master list of all the character archtypes in all of old WoD.

Shadowrun Related Links
Catalyst Game Labs - Current producers of Shadowrun - Official SR4 website
Dumpshock Forums - The unofficial, but fully sanctioned Shadowrun forum area. Even the Developers post there.
The Ancient Files - Amazingly detailed database maintained by Ancient History, a Shadowrun freelance writer and keeper of lore.
Khadim Nasser Home Page - Resource by Dumpshocker Knasser
Sixth World Wiki - Community run SR wiki
Searchable Shadowrun Timeline - Online timeline for Shadowrun

Star Wars Related Links
Wizards of the Coast - Current producers of Shadowrun
Star Wars RPG Homepage - Homepage of the D20 Star Wars Games
Star Wars Databank - Official Star Wars databank maintained by Lucasarts
Wookieepedia - Star Wars Wiki

Other Links
Original Twisted Realities Board - The old message board, preserved for posterity's sake.